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5 Bizarre (But Rare) Side Effects Of Common Foods

I can’t remember the very first time I heard the term “food coma,” however I can state that I didn’t like it. Like individuals stating “Do NOT speak with me up until I’ve had my coffee” or “My relationship status is Merlot! LOL!” it makes me wish to fill your mail box with strongly non-solid turds. Little did I recognize that a food coma is nearly a genuine thing, due to the fact that you can completely overdose on some sort of food and suffer wicked terrible repercussions. Who saw that coming?

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Certain Seafood Can Give You Vivid Hallucinations

I’m not a huge seafood man since I fear outraging Poseidon by consuming among his drinking friends by mishap, so I can’t state I’m 100 percent knowledgeable about sea bream. I do hear it’s incredibly popular in Europe, where they consume actually thousands of heaps of it– especially in the Mediterranean, where they consume all kinds of ridiculous shit. That’s where olives originate from, for God’s sake, and those are simply tree turds that somebody puts in salt water. Sea bream isn’t simply Eurotrash Filet-o-Fish; it’s an entire mindfuck with fins if you capture the incorrect one. For factors not entirely understood, occasionally, you’ll get a salema porgy that has hallucinogenic residential or commercial properties.

If I ended the entry there, you ‘d most likely be quite stired to attempt some. Individuals like hallucinogenic mushrooms, why not a whacked-out fish? Well, these hallucinations are less “psychedelic dreamscape” and more “Why is that huge spider shrieking at me ??”

In one case, a fellow taken pleasure in some salema porgy baked on the French Riviera prior to it baked him right back. The physical signs were throwing up, blurred vision, and muscle weak point for a whole day, and after that shit got incredibly unbelievable. Considering that he was still on trip, he wished to keep going, so he hopped in his vehicle … just to cut his journey short due to the fact that he was surrounded by yelling animals . He went to the physician, and it took 36 hours for him to come down.

Another fish victim in his 90s invested 2 days trembling in worry from his hallucinations. This bad person didn’t inform anybody initially, he simply remained in bed and persisted with a number of days of horrible visions since he believed he may be losing his mind and didn’t desire anybody to understand. Really, man, you simply spun the Sea Bream Wheel and lost.


Too Much Black Licorice Can Put You In The Hospital

Black licorice is the devil’s cock cheese. That’s not me talking, that’s science. Ask Neil deGrasse Tyson. If that declaration isn’t sufficient to make you stop consuming black licorice and things seasoned with its repellent flavinoids, you need to feel bad about yourself, due to the fact that I’m a signed up life coach and I understand what’s finest for you. Due to the fact that too much black licorice can trigger precariously high blood pressure and incredibly low potassium, and likewise. That may not sound hazardous in those terms, however it can get so bad that it can cause seizures, brain swelling, and arrhythmia.

It does not even take that much of the things to trigger it. A 51-year-old Canadian male wound up in the health center since he consumed a bag of 50 licorice jelly beans every day– which is unusual, however it’s not like there’s a medical caution on the bag informing you not to. Without any history of high blood pressure, it was challenging to find out what the issue was, up until somebody observed the guy was still consuming the jelly beans even in the health center. Cut off the beans, and the issue disappears.

The very same thing took place to a 10-year-old kid in Italy who had actually used up the routine of consuming black licorice like it was a genuine food product. He was hospitalized with convulsive seizures and brain swelling, together with low potassium and raised cortisol levels. When whatever else about him appeared regular, a fast evaluation of his diet plan, that included 20 licorice toffees a day for 4 months, got to the root of the issue (which is that he had actually obviously stated war on his own tongue).

Technically, the issue with black licorice isn’t that it’s an affront to sweet; it’s something called glycyrrhizic acid, which is what makes it sweet in addition to tasting like an ouzo-soaked asshole. That things triggers an entire host of issues in the body, consisting of a failure to break down fluid, cortisol and salt retention, high blood pressure, and most likely all type of other -ensions. In the interest of your health, you must most likely never ever consume black licorice once again, or look at it.


Chia Seeds Can Soak Up Enough Fluid To Choke You

They call chia seeds a “superfood,” which is a word food online marketers created for things that tastes like a duck’s fart however they require to offer it anyhow. It’s jammed to the gills with all sort of nutrients, which is great, however if you get chia seeds damp, they broaden into an unusual, gelatinous slurry. They soak up 27 times their weight in water, which is terrific if you wish to rub a paste on pottery …


Swallowing Enough Chewing Gum Can Kill You

You ever have somebody inform you not to consume gum since it’ll grow a gum tree in your stomach, or you can’t ever absorb it, or it’ll make you fart pink bubbles? Due to the fact that they discovered science from a kid on the play area who invested too much time smelling markers, individuals state those things. There is an issue with gum, and it’s a lot even worse than any of us ever pictured that it’ll make you fell under a coma and passed away due to deathly low levels of potassium, calcium, magnesium, and salt. She suffered a deadly absence of oxygen to her brain as an outcome of convulsions triggered by the mineral deficit. To be so lacking all of those nutrients without any hidden condition present was practically unprecedented. What the hell taken place? Gum. Goddamn gum.

Jenkins supposedly consumed 14 pieces of gum every day. An autopsy discovered big pieces of green gum in her stomach, and her mother discovered lots of empty packs in her space. The gum she consumed was synthetically sweetened with aspartame and sorbitol, and sweetening agents are utilized in healthcare facilities as laxatives . At the dosage Jenkins was offering herself, she was highly likely triggering the malabsorption that caused her deadly condition. Fresh breath is unworthy some bullshit like that.

Doctors hesitated to lay the blame on the gum straight, as this is uncharted waters, however without any other cause on the table, it’s the one that makes one of the most sense. I understand we’re making a lot of jokes here since our task is to captivate, however in basic, it’s a bad concept to continuously swallow gum, and you certainly should not let kids do it (you understand, the ones least most likely to listen to you on this topic). In percentages they’ll simply poop it out (your system can’t liquify it), however if they swallow a lot, it can definitely obstruct up their system , and things will get unsightly quickly.

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