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5 Sheet Masks To Use On An Airplane Betches

If you’ve ever found a star, influencer, or otherwise simply ballsy individual post a picture to your Instagram feed of themselves using a sheet mask on an airplane, you most likely believed 2 things: one, that they’re batshit insane, and 2, “why the hell are they doing that?” Well, if you’ve ever flown on a plane, you’re most likely knowledgeable about how dry, dull, and well-rounded filthy your skin can feel and look post-flight thanks to the recycled air that blows through the airplane’s vents. Well, those brave souls that you see publishing the in-flight sheet mask selfies are in fact quite wise, due to the fact that they’ll be getting to their location with cleansed, hydrated skin while the rest people experience god-awful breakouts a couple of hours later on. If you too desire to show up at your port of call with a clear skin tone at the cost of looking like a freak, check out on for the finest sheet masks to utilize on an aircraft so you can sign up with the mile high (skin care) club.


The essential to having a great skin day? Hydrated, clear, radiant skin that isn’t experiencing any swelling. Peach &&Lily’s Good Skin Day Nourish + soak Sheet Mask utilizes natural vitamins, nutrients, and anti-oxidants like chia seeds, algae, avocado, and hyaluronic acid to reduce swelling (that you’re most likely to experience while flying), combat pollutants and unsafe ecological complimentary radicals (that tend to drift through the recycled air on aircrafts), and boost hydration, so you can get to your location appearing like you’re having the very best skin day ever– regardless how little sleep you got on your flight thanks to the sobbing child in the row behind you.

Courtesy of Peach &&Lily

2. PACIFICA Disobey Time Rose &&Peptide Facial Mask

Pacifica’s Disobey Time Rose &&Peptide Facial Sheet Mask is instilled with peptides, increased hip seed oil, chamomile extract, red rice extract, hyaluronic acid, pomegranate, and green tea to target puffy, dull, dry skin. Within simply 20 minutes of flight time your skin will be left fresh, intense, and hydrated.

Courtesy of Pacifica

3. Dr. Jart+ Hydration Lover Rubber Mask, $12

If you’re an attention slut who flourishes off of getting discovered, Dr. Jart+’s Hydration Lover Rubber Mask is a brilliant blue rubber mask that makes certain to stand out of all of your fellow travelers. The mask isn’t simply great for getting attention, it in fact truly works to hydrate your skin, too. The 2 piece mask includes an extremely focused serum that relieves the skin and hydrates while the rubber mask seals the active components into the skin and keeps them from vaporizing so you can experience optimal hydrating and soothing outcomes.

Courtesy of Dr. Jart+

4. WHAMISA Organic Flowers &&Aloe Vera Fermented Hydrogel Sheet Mask

If you desire the advantages of a hydrating sheet mask without getting looked at by the bad-tempered grandmother sitting throughout the aisle from you, then Whamisa’s Hydrogel Sheet Mask is a clear jelly sheet mask that is as near being undetectable as a sheet mask gets. The mask is instilled with a skin-plumping botanical serum that will not just lighten up and hydrate, however likewise work to make certain skin stays complimentary and clear of breakouts.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe

5. Patchology Four Facial Sheets Illuminate Lace Printed Edition FlashMasques

If you’re additional AF and a plain ol’ white sheet mask will not do, Patchology’s FlashMasques bare a black lace eye mask on the leading half of the sheet mask so you can sit quite while hydrating your skin and dealing with your 4th in-flight mimosa. The mask itself works by utilizing licorice and grapefruit seed extracts to carefully brighten your skin while Patchology’s unique HydraSurge5 ™ Moisture System deeply hydrates to boost radiant, glowing skin. If you’re bougie adequate to use one of these masks, you much better be sitting in company class, at the extremely least.

Courtesy of Patchology

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