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A Commitment To Safety: Garmin GPS Systems Will Now Reroute Cars To Avoid Wasps

Just when you believed smart devices had actually made them outdated, Garmin releaseds an incredible brand-new GPS upgrade that is straight-up going to alter the video game. Today, the tech business revealed a brand-new function for their navigation gadgets that will immediately reroute automobiles to prevent wasps.

Wow. Navigation simply got a great deal more secure.

The brand-new function is called WaspSafe and it includes the current software application upgrade for all existing Garmin GPS gadgets. It generally works by scanning the roadway for wasps, and factoring these harmful locations into its navigation. It will produce a siren and instantly advise you to make a U-turn or take an alternate roadway if the gadget finds a wasp anywhere within 15 miles of your cars and truck. It even reveals you the position of the wasp or wasps on the map and loudly informs you how far the wasp is up until you have actually effectively averted it.

Pretty cool!

But comprehensive engineering is exactly what truly makes the brand-new navigation function shine. On the occasion that a wasp is spotted inside the car, your Garmin gadget will advise you to desert the automobile, set it on fire, and continue on foot. And as quickly as it finds a wasps nest within a 15-mile radius of your lorry, it instantly calls 911.

Weve got to commend them. Garmin actually did their research here and theyve produced something genuinely ingenious in regards to both engineering and security. Phone navigation apps may be all the rage nowadays, however Garmin is blazing a trail when it pertains to guiding motorists far from wasps at all expenses.

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