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Alpiste Diet – Benefits of Alpiste Milk & Seed For Weight Loss

Once you reach 50 it becomes difficult to maintain your body, especially with exercise, as exercise can sometimes lead to overexerting your body, or putting a lot of physical strain on the body. Exercising has and is always good for health, but after a particular age, when your body is not strong enough, it is recommended that you should switch to some lighter form of exercises, to maintain yourself.

Alpiste Diet, Alpiste Benefits

Apart from exercise, as you age you have to also find other means to ensure that the body is getting all the essential nutrients to keep itself healthy and active. Any sort of negligence can lead to serious health conditions such as heart issues, obesity and even high blood pressure.

Hence although aging is a very normal and gradual process it is always good to be cautious and start looking after yourself as and when you reach 50. It is good if you start early, adjust your dietary requirements to increase nutritional intake and get yourself involved in any sort of light exercise regimen, especially for those who have a tendency to put on weight.

Losing weight is not as easy as it may seem and as you grow old the task becomes more and more difficult. But there are ways with which you can lose weight even when you are aging. It is good if you try some very natural yet effective methods to lose weight, especially for elders. Anything that is entirely natural will never have adverse effect on your age.

One such very good and effective way of losing weight while increasing your nutritional intake is including Alpiste Milk Seed in your diet. Also known as the canary or birdseeds the Alpiste seeds were used to feed birds for decades, but recently people have discovered the benefits these seeds hold within themselves.

Alpiste Diet – How to Lose Weight with Alpiste Seed Milk

A glass or two of Alpiste milk is really good in getting rid of those extra pounds, while filling your body with loads of nutrients. These birdseeds are a good source of proteins, fats and fibre, hence are very effective in losing weight while maintain the nutritional intake of your body.

Alpiste Diet, Benefits of Alpiste Milk, Alpiste Benefits, Alpiste
Seed For Weight Loss,

One glass of Alpiste milk is enough to make your body feel satiated for a very long time and hence is really efficient in killing most of the cravings that you might otherwise have in between meals. Although very efficient, but drinking Alpiste milk is generally not considered an equivalent to other regular diet plans.

Apart from proteins, fats and fibre these wonderful canary seeds also contain various other essential vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants that not only strengthen your body but also get rid of the excess fat, hence aid in weight loss.

Alpiste Benefits – The Health & Weight Loss Benefits of Canary Seed Milk

The Alpiste seeds contain a host of minerals such as Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Vitamin B Complex, Zinc, Iron, Selenium and Magnesium.

The canary seeds are also a very good source of omega 3, omega 9 and omega 6 fatty acids.

The Alpiste milk is a rich source of lipase enzyme. Lipase enzyme is essential to ensure a good and healthy digestive tract, because of its ability to break down fat cells present in the body and also because of its capability to quickly absorb nutrients in the intestines. The enzyme is also found to be very effective in alleviating the symptoms of celiac disease and indigestion.

Alpiste Seed For Weight Loss, Alpiste Milk Recipe.

One hundred grams of Alpiste seeds contain approximately:

  • 210 kilocalories
  • 55gms carbs
  • 14gms protein
  • 50 milligrams calcium
  • 300 milligrams phosphorus
  • 2gms fat

Regular intake of Alpiste seeds in your diet has also shown to be effective in slowing down the process of aging, the nutrients present in it are also helpful in tightening the skin and regeneration of pancreas.

Many people don’t know that canary seeds are also really good in reducing the swelling of internal organs like liver, kidneys and pancreas. Many times it is also used to prevent arteriosclerosis.

Even one glass of Alpiste Milk is really good for those ailing from gastritis gout, swollen abdomen, stomach ulcers or edema. It is also very good in treating cirrhosis as the nutrients present in the canary seeds are very good in increasing the number of hepatocytes in the liver. Hence you are absolutely right if by change you say that, Alpiste milk is good for any stomach related disorder.

These are not only a rich source of various vitamins and minerals but are also a good source of antioxidants, these little seeds greatly improve the appearance of your skin, and the antioxidants present in it, slow down the aging process and make you look younger.

How to Use Alpiste Milk for Weight Loss?

If using Alpiste milk to aid weight loss, it is always recommended that you soak it for at least 8 hours before use. Tape approximately 5 teaspoons of the canary seeds, soak them overnight in some water.

In the morning, simply drain the water and then blend a smooth paste of these soaked canary seeds. If required add some liquid or water to produce a consistent paste.

You can relish it with anything, simply mix it with water or you can even add a bit of honey, kefir or a probiotic yoghurt to enhance its taste.

Alpiste Benefits, Alpiste
Seed For Weight Loss

For good results, especially when trying to lose weight, you should drink a glass of Alpiste milk at least half an hour before your meals.

Start with 2 glasses of Alpiste milk every day, before meals. Remember it is not a magic wand or some great wholesome nutrient rick drink that will aid weight loss instantly. Since it is a natural ingredient with loads of benefits, its effect and benefits will be visible only after a time lag. Meanwhile be patient and do not forget to exercise.

These seeds are not only good to lose weight but are also have various other health benefits. One more thing that you should keep in mind, while following the Alpiste milk diet is that, avoid junk foods, bread, sugar or flour as much as possible.

It is always good to increase the intake of fresh veggies, fruits and healthy proteins in your diet instead of junk food. Exercise on a regular basis and keep working towards a healthier and active life.