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Caregivers Forced Disabled Man to Fight as Amusement, Left Him to Die: Lawsuit

Last April, the body of Carl DeBrodie , a 31-year-old developmentally handicapped guy who liked Westerns and fishing, was discovered smothered in concrete and packed in a garbage can in Missouri.

His household is now taking legal action against Second Chance Homes and the Missouri Department of Mental Health for his strange death, declaring caretakers at the independent living center in Fulton required DeBrodie to combat with another local and left him to shake in a bath tub till he passed away.

“Carl and Resident # 1 were required to physically battle each other for the advantage and amusement” of 2 Second Chance staff members, declares the modified federal suit , which was submitted Tuesday by Carolyn Summers, DeBrodie’s mom, and Carol Samson, DeBrodie’s auntie. “Carl suffered severe injuries, consisting of a minimum of 6 damaged ribs,” the problem declares.

DeBrodie’s family members are taking legal action against 18 accuseds, consisting of staff members at Fulton’s Second Chance Homes, the Callaway County Public Administrator'&#x 27; s Office, and Callaway County Special Services. The claim, which declares carelessness and wrongful death, declares administrators falsified reports, stopped providing DeBrodie his medication, and enabled him to go offsite with 2 workers, a relocation that eventually resulted in his death. DeBrodie’s household is demanding $25,000.

“It'&#x 27; s sickening to understand that these individuals are still walking. I wear'&#x 27; t understand how anybody might cope with themselves, doing this to somebody,” Samson informed Fulton Sun.

Representatives at Second Chance and the Missouri Department of Mental Health decreased to discuss the changed claim, the Columbia Tribune reported . The center rejected claims in the preliminary grievance. Nobody has actually been charged with DeBrodie’s death, according to an ABC News report .

Second Chance authorities didn’t report DeBrodie’s disappearance till April 17th, the claim states. One week later on, his body was discovered, and it seemed so “significantly decayed” that authorities presumed he ‘d been dead “for months,” according to Fulton Sun and ABC News. The grievance declares that DeBrodie had actually been dead because late October or November of 2016.

Before his death, Second Chance staff members Sherry Paulo and Anthony Flores took DeBrodie to their house and required him to sleep on the concrete flooring of their basement with another citizen, the exact same individual whom caretakers made DeBrodie spar with, the suit states. The problem likewise declares Paulo and Flores made DeBrodie carry out “manual, unsettled labor” at their personal home.

One night, Flores supposedly heard DeBrodie shriek, went downstairs, and saw him having a seizure, according to the court documents.

“Flores and Resident # 1 brought Carl upstairs and positioned him into the bath tub with the shower running,” rather of calling the cops, the claim states. DeBrodie was “bleeding from his nose and mouth” and continued to “shake in the bath tub,” up until he passed away, the suit claims.

“Carl stayed in the tub for 2 or 3 days up until he was eventually positioned into the City of Fulton garbage can, framed in concrete, and positioned into a storage system,” the claim states.

Rudy Viet, a lawyer for DeBrodie’s household, informed Fulton Sun the brand-new information of DeBrodie’s death were gotten by the Missouri Attorney General and the Callaway County Prosecuting Attorney’s workplace.

Callaway County Attorney Chris Wilson decreased to talk about the continuous criminal examination, according to KMIZ-TV.

DeBrodie was a citizen at Second Chance start in early 2016, according to the suit. Throughout his time there, Callaway County Special Services workers Tiffany Keipp, Melissa Delap, and Robin Rees Love acted as his guardians. The administrators sent incorrect reports about carrying out in person check-ups on DeBrodie, the claim declares.

Keipp and Delap last consulted with DeBrodie in September 2016, when DeBrodie suffered weight reduction and revealed indications of hunger, according to the claim.

“As more discovery comes out, we’re just feeling more sorry for Carl. Gross carelessness is putting it kindly,” Viet informed the Columbia Tribune.

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