When it concerns traditional foods and drinks, chia seeds are a fairly brand-new active ingredient in the market. I was presented to chia seeds a couple of years earlier, however didn’t end up being a fan till I began soaking them in liquid and utilizing them in other methods, such as egg replaces when baking.

Since there are lots of processed foods that are marketed as “healthy” however are really loaded with sugar and other inflammatory active ingredients, I have actually been looking into brand names that utilize high quality components and comprehend the significance of natural entire foods. 3 years ago I discovered Mamma Chia throughout my search, and I have actually been addicted to their beverages– and now bars, capture pouches and granola– since.

I just recently had the satisfaction of conference Mamma Chia creator Janie Hoffman, who like me has actually gotten rid of years of health crises and restored her health by altering her way of life to integrate more plant-based, anti-inflammatory foods. Hoffman’s objective is to share the magic of chia seeds, and produce a brand name that will boost and honor humankind– a message quickly translated by the brand name’s brilliantly covered product packaging.

Hoffman aspires to get individuals to attempt chia seeds and enjoy the dietary advantages. The small seeds support heart and brain health, while providing a high dosage of Omega 3 fats, fiber and protein. The advantages make chia seeds an anti-inflammatory food that’s an excellent addition to any meal, on-the-go treat or drink.

Chia seeds are gluten-free and naturally vegan, so theyre a terrific component to pop into dishes along with to try to find in items to satisfy your day-to-day dosage of anti-inflammatory nutrients. If youre not feeling daring adequate to purchase plain chia seeds, which can have a bitter taste when served alone, grab chia-rich items like Mamma Chia beverages, bars, capture pouches and granola. A bottle of Mamma Chia includes a whole day’s worth of Omega 3’s, that makes it a terrific choice for those not eager on swallowing fish tablets or consuming salmon.

Chia seeds are the primary source of plant-based Omega threes, and their appeal continues to grow as we find out more about battling swelling in our bodies. Including more anti-inflammatory foods is an excellent method to keep your body healthy. If youre overwhelmed with where to begin, can register for my Free Anti-Inflammatory Grocery Guide.

Amie Valpone is a star chef based in New York City and editor-in-chief of TheHealthyApple.com . Focusing on easy, gluten-free dishes, Amie has actually been included in many publications and on widely known sites, in addition to TELEVISION. Go To Amie on Facebook , Twitter and Pinterest .