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Extreme Weight Loss Alum Rod Durham Dead At 52

Tragic news.

Extreme Weight Loss star Rod Durham has died at the age of 52.

The drama teacher was reportedly found dead over the weekend by housekeepers at a motel in Fort Lauderdale from what seems to be diabetic shock. He was on vacation celebrating Leon High School‘s spring break.

You may remember Durham from the fourth season of the ABC series where he lost more than 180 pounds.

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Heidi Powell — who trained Durham on the show — paid tribute to the former reality star on Monday saying:

An administrator from Durham’s high school added that students are “broken-hearted” over his passing:

“He always made everyone smile – even if you were having the worst day. If you saw Rod, your day got better. His laugh was simply infectious. … Everyone loved Rod Durham. There are tens of thousands of kids today who are broken-hearted.”

Just over a month ago, Rod took to his Instagram with the following message:

“I’m 52 today (February 6th) …Behold Bitches (sorry! I’m happy to still be alive!)”

So sad.

We’re sending light and love to all those who knew Rod during this difficult time.

[Image via Instagram.]

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