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Film Fest Moderator Booed For Asking Michelle Pfeiffer About Her Weight

Some members of the audience at a “ Scarface ” reunion in New York Thursday were outraged by a concern about Michelle Pfeiffer ’ s weight.

Saying he was a moms and dad worried about body image, Tribeca Film Festival mediator Jesse Kornbluth asked Pfeiffer just how much she weighed in the violent cult classic, according to numerous outlets .

One audience member screamed, “ Why do you would like to know ?! ” Another shouted, “ Seriously? ” and audible boos followed.

Kornbluth attempted to restore his footing by stating, “ This is not the concern you believe it is.”

Pfeiffer, who depicted the other half of trigger-happy drug lord Tony Montana (Al Pacino), discussed that she was playing a drug addict, so she was accelerating her weight-loss to fit the story. “ Of course, I attempted to time it so that as the motion picture went on I ended up being thinner and thinner and more emaciated, ” she stated. At the end of the shoot, she included, ” I believe I was surviving on tomato soup and Marlboros.”

Pound for pound, this needed to be the most uncomfortable minute of the night.

Pfeiffer and “ Scarface ” stars Al Pacino and Steven Bauer, together with director Brian De Palma, had actually collected for a 35th-anniversary screening of the motion picture.


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