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First Woman To Win ‘The Biggest Loser’ Opens Up About Gaining Back The Weight

In 2008, Ali Vincent ended up being the very first female to win “The Biggest Loser.” It took a great deal of sweat, effort and tears, however completion result settled: Ali went from 234 pounds to 122 pounds.

Smiling and svelte, Ali appeared on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” 6 months after winning “The Biggest Loser” that year. She was 125 pounds at the time– simply 3 pounds over her ending weight– however confessed that she had a hard time keeping the weight off after the program.

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“The fact is, I sort of spiraled,” Ali stated at that time. “I got house and I resembled, ‘What do I do? What do I do without the cattle ranch?’ I headed out, I partied with my pals … I got up and I was similar to, ‘This isn’t me. I do not desire this life any longer.'”

So, Ali returned on track. Now, nevertheless, things have actually altered as soon as again.

Around the eight-year anniversary of winning “The Biggest Loser,” Ali exposed in a Facebook post that she has actually given that gotten back much of the weight she lost.

Being susceptible and so sincere was frightening, Ali informs “Oprah: Where Are They Now– Extra” in the above clip. She discussed for hours whether she need to open openly like that.

“All day, I simply considered it and I didn’t post. I was depressed and I was ashamed and I was unfortunate,” Ali states. “I was concealing.”

The day of her anniversary for winning “The Biggest Loser,” for that reason, wasn’t a day of event for Ali.

“I simply didn’t rise throughout the day,” she states. “I was simply embarrassed. I was ashamed … It was a low point. It was most likely my floor.”

Ali understood she remained in a precarious circumstance with her health and weight. “If I keep entering the instructions I’m going, I do not understand if I’ll ever return,” she states. “I do not understand if I’ll ever have the ability to have this strength to do something various.”

It was particularly hard to acknowledge, as Ali felt that her strength was something she had actually ended up being understood for.

“I was the very first woman to win ‘The Biggest Loser.’ I’m Ali Vincent. I’m expected to be strong. I’m expected to understand how to do this,” she states. “I do understand how to do it. I do understand what I require to do … So, I was simply beating myself up.”


While exposing her fact because Facebook post was mentally taxing and frightening, it likewise wound up being rather effective for Ali.

“It was liberating,” she states.

Since publishing, Ali states she has actually just gotten favorable feedback, regardless of bracing herself for a barrage of negativeness. “I check out each and every single remark,” she states. “There wasn’t one [mean remark] There wasn’t one single one. Not one individual!”

Ali was astonished by the assistance.

“It’s quite amazing,” she states, welling up. “I’m extremely humbled by it.”

Ali states she is still concentrated on getting much healthier and has actually signed up with Weight Watchers to assist in her weight-loss journey, however this time, she has a various viewpoint.

“It’s not about a number this time,” Ali states. “It has to do with feeling my finest self. I wish to be my finest self. I wish to feel excellent about myself, I wish to have the energy, I wish to have the endurance, I wish to have the self-confidence, I wish to feel stunning. I wish to enjoy myself at any size.”

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