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Inspiring: This Man Lost 150 Pounds To Run In The New York City Marathon And Then Gained It Back In Time For Cannonball Season

If youre searching for your day-to-day dosage of motivation, look no more than Alan Greer. A year earlier, Alan weighed over 300 pounds and hadnt run a mile because high school physical education. With a lot of tough work and self-control, he simply achieved something amazing: Not just did he drop 150 pounds to run in the 2016 New York City Marathon, he got it all back fast adequate to tear it up throughout cannonball season!

Talk about mind over matter!

Starting by running simply half a mile a day, Alan dieted and trained for 9 months to go through the extraordinary change that cinched him his outstanding 3:20 surface time. When hed crossed the goal, he instantly switched to an all-carb diet plan that stacked the pounds back on, rebounding back to his initial 315-pound weight in the nick of time to carry out geyser-inducing jackknifes into his regional swimming pool.

When you have an objective, you can do anything, stated Alan, who maintained a blog site through his year-long journey to 170 pounds and back. Im living evidence of that. I wasnt going to let my weight stop me from achieving my imagine running a marathon, and I wasnt going to let getting healthy stop me from dropping outright mortar shells in the deep end. The only thing Im more pleased with than my 7:37 mile divides in the marathon is how damp Im now getting individuals standing near my cannonballs.

Alans end up being a little a regional star for his fish story and amazing splash radius, and with cannonball season in complete swing, hes frequently facing fans at his area public swimming pool. He likes the cheers he gets after his hard-earned huge frame displaces gushes of swimming pool water, its hearing stories of how hes influenced individuals to reach their complete capacity that he truly enjoys. Well, that, and a bombshell off the high dive!

So whats next for Alan? He has strategies to slim pull back for a Tough Mudder race in September, then jack his weight right back up to 3 costs once again to complete in a regional Halloween pumpkin pieeating contest. Its an enthusiastic schedule, however Alan has actually revealed that hes not to be ignored.

Good luck out there, Alan! Whatever you set your mind to, we understand you can do it.

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