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Selena Gomez Source Says The Weeknd Was NEVER Going To Be Her Kidney Donor!

Selena Gomez ‘s individuals are calling The Weeknd a bad phony.

As we reported, lyrics off the R&B star’s brand-new album stimulated speculation that he thought about contributing a kidney to his then-girlfriend at the height of her lupus fight . A source has actually come forward to state that’s not the case!

The buzz started thanks to The Weeknd’s brand-new tune Call Out My Name, which includes the informing lyrics, “I nearly cut a piece of myself for your life/ Guess I was simply another rest stop/ Til you comprised your mind/ You simply squandered my time.”

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Some hypothesized that these poetic lines were a referral to Selly’s kidney transplant, which decreased a couple of months prior to the couple separated. A source informs ET, nevertheless, that the vocalist (genuine name Abel Tesfaye) was never ever even CLOSE to being the previous Disney beloved’s kidney donor, and declares the Starboy simply penned a pointed lyric so y’ all would believe otherwise!

The expert dished:

“It’s simply a lyric and he understood it would strum up attention which individuals would analyze it precisely as they have, however he was never ever really going to contribute his kidney to Selena. Sure, he was her partner at the time, so it maybe crossed his mind to obtain evaluated to see if he was a match which is exceptionally unusual however it never ever got anywhere near to in fact taking place.”

As all of us understand, Selena’s friend Francia Raisa wound up contributing a kidney to her last summer season. A complex surgical treatment that, the source includes, the 25-year-old would never ever ask her popular partner to go through:

“Selena would never ever, e ver have actually asked [The Weeknd] She would not have even desired him to even amuse the concept! It was challenging enough for her to permit a long-lasting good friend to do it, however a brand-new sweetheart? No other way.”

But here’s where the cut goes even deeper: the source declares that Selena and Abel’s 10-month relationship was not as severe as his brand-new album My Dear Melancholy recommends. The expert continued:

“To be truthful, they were never ever as extreme as he’s making it appear. The Weeknd was constantly far more worried with his profession than his relationship. Selena leaned on family and friends throughout the surgical treatment more than anybody.”

Huh. Seems like The Weeknd is simply a wee bit melodramatic in the relationship department.

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