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The Kardashians Are Getting Sued Over Instagram Posts Again

The Kardashians’ legal representative much better make money a shit lots of cash. Off, he’s on the Kardashian payroll and they’re making like, 7 figures a selfie at this point. Spread out the love. And 2nd, he’s a hectic fucking guy. From Khloe’s DUI to divorces to the legendary Kimye/TSwift fight , the Kardashian clan is actually constantly in some sort of legal conflict. Well now they may be in hot water for not plainly identifying their Insta posts that they’re making money for. Simply include it the fucking list.

Basically, the Federal Trade Commission has extremely particular standards regarding how you’re expected to identify posts and blog sites when you’re generating income off it. Sure, anybody with a brain understands the Kardashians do not simply relax doing teatoxes all fucking day, however like, they need to state it simply in case. If not, it’s thought about “misleading marketing,” which is obviously a federal offense. I think you can never ever ignore how dumb individuals are.

Okay, however like, does not everybody do this? Like ex-Bachelor participants and Real Housewives with their hair vitamins and weight-loss shakes and whatnot? I have not seen among them put #ad on shit and nobody is requiring their heads. This is plainly simply a group of haters being minor AF. Leave the Kardashians alone!

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