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The Shirk Report Volume 368

Welcome to the Shirk Report where you will discover 25 amusing images, 10 intriguing short articles and 5 amusing videos from the last 7 days of sorting. Many images discovered on Reddit; posts from Twitter, RSS and e-mail; videos originate from all over. Any tips? Send out a note to


Friday! Friday! Friday!
That intensified rapidly
Khaleesi understands
Not sure what she was attempting to do here
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Thanks Pinterest!
Corgi.exe has actually crashed
Future engineer
Meanwhile at Trump Tower
I’ ll simply remain inside today
Someone didn’ t believe this through | The following day
This makes me smile
Vape swap
Before and after a complete day at the park
When she states “ let ’ ssimply be pals ” Until next week


I fly 747s for a living. Here are the remarkable things I see every day That Time Europe Air-Dropped Vaccine-Loaded Chicken Heads to Bait Rabid Foxes The Japanese wrestler that practically cut off Muhammad Ali â € ™ s leg Robby Leonardi &rsquo™; s Interactive Resume is Awesome Why do you get ‘ eye floaters ’? This is an amazing visualization ofthe world ’ s delivering paths Why Leicester City ’ s Premier League Title Is So Incredible After â € ˜ The Biggest Loser, â € ™ Their Bodies Fought to Regain Weight The Arctic Suicides:
It ’ s Not The Dark That Kills You
America has actually never ever been soripe for tyranny


here ’ s to a BIG weekend!

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