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This period tracker comes with an expensive side of brownies

Eating chocolate throughout your duration is among those tropes I simply do not comprehend. How am I expected to consume chocolate while I am hectic sobbing at a business for soup?

But those who are members of the duration chocolate neighborhood may be thinking about these brand-new deals with from Washington pastry shop Moon Cycle , which the business is introducing on Dec. 15 after taking pleasure in some well-deserved success on Kickstarter.

Basically, users will download the app and develop a profile with their dietary limitations and likewise their “preferred routines.” From there, it operates type of like a typical duration tracker (Clue, Eve, and so on), with one exception: you get a parcel of deals with.

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Above, for instance, is the Ms. Sweet Potato Brownie, which includes dark chocolate and maple syrup. There are likewise Matcha Coconut Bites, Raspberry Black Bean Brownies with Primrose(gluten complimentary!), and Chocolate Cups with Ginger and Honey.

And these aren’t Duncan Hines, either(although Duncan Hines brownies are tasty)– they include active ingredients like chia seeds, vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and, as The Takeout mentions , something called gamma-linolenic acid.

As you may anticipate, these premium deals with will set you back a quite cent. One reward expenses $15, while bundles of 2 or 3 expense $23 and $30, respectively.

Is it worth it, or should you simply get a big bag of pretzel M&M’s? You choose.

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