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Woman risks her life to have world’s biggest hips

This Pennsylvania female is figured out to have the worlds most significant hips even if it winds up eliminating her, inning accordance with a report.

Bobbi-Jo Westley, 43, of York, currently has hips that determine 95 inches, however she has her sights set on the present record of 99 inches, held by Mikel Ruffinelli of Los Angeles, Barcroft Media reported.

My hips are exactly what makes me special, she informed the news outlet. Its exactly what makes me me.’

Her supersize hips have actually made her immediate online popularity with around the world fans purchasing and trading her photos.

She has actually even organized squashing sessions for her most significant fans, who pay to have the curvy lady rest on them and squash them.

When I understood that there were males out there who like my shape, I was type of shocked, she informed the website. I get all type of presents and messages from my fans, a few of them ask will you wed me?, which is sort of tough due to the fact that Im currently wed.

But the 5-foot-2 Westley, who weighed in at 542 pounds the last time she went to the medical professional, stated her shapely hips come at an expense.

Westley is presently housebound under medical professionals orders and her tremendous size avoids her from doing numerous daily activities.

When I increase or down stairs, or through doors, I need to turn sideways, she informed Barcroft Media.

She states her huge weight gain is brought on by an underactive thyroid, a condition she was identified with 6 years earlier.

But her nutritional expert, Nadia Sharifi, owner of MyTrimLine Weight Loss and Wellness Centers, isn’t really purchasing it.

Its actually a life-or-death option at this moment, she informed the website. Hormonal agents, or thyroid concerns, or blood type or origins may play a little part, however eventually its down to exactly what we took into our mouth.

When were speaking about her veins, she can have a block really quickly. She is actually, genuinely a ticking time bomb.

Westley stated she understands shes putting herself at danger, and she has actually stressed over her health. Her physician has actually even asked her to think about stomach coronary bypass.

But her decision to shatter a word record far exceeds her worries.

Its simply something that I need to do and I take it one day at a time, she stated. I wish to be kept in mind for something, and I believe having the worlds greatest hips is exactly what I was suggested to be kept in mind for.

This post orginally appeared on New York Post.

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