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Woman with third-degree burns warns against essential oils: ‘It’s been hell’

Essential oils are among the numerous buzzed-about items in the natural medicine neighborhood today. Depending upon the type, the oils are believed to lower tension, enhance state of mind, and boost concentration, to name a few promoted advantages.

But one lady saw a drastically various result after oiling up throughout a hot yoga class third-degree chemical burns and now, shes aiming to avoid the very same thing from taking place to other individuals.


In a viral Facebook post, Elise Nguyen shared numerous images of blistered and blistered skin on her wrists and neck, which she declares she suffered after using the oil to her body then entering a tanning bed in late March. In her April 16 post, she states how she went to the tanning bed one hour after practicing yoga to get ready for an approaching wedding event in Jamaica.

The next day, Nguyen composes, she understood something was extremely incorrect.

I discovered inflammation where I used the oil. I believed it was a response to a brand-new laundry cleaning agent, she composes. Well over the next few days, I established nasty blisters due to a chemical burn.

Nguyen explains that, after the truth, she found a small label on the oil bottles, which were made by the business Doterra, warning versus entering into UV rays or sunshine for approximately 12 hours after application.


Currently, I’m on day 22 of this burn, she composes in the post. If I struck them incorrect, I still have open locations and they still harm.

Nguyen defines she does not blame the business for her injuries, however she advises other yogis not to make the very same error. Viewing as necessary oils are typically utilized in yoga classes on individuals necks and wrists, her caution isn’t really baseless.

Every yogi that I’ve talked with has no idea that this might have taken place, she composes. As summertime is getting better, and the weather condition is getting better, I simply desire everybody to be mindful of this. Please, please check out the bottles of anything you place on your skin. I would not desire this to take place to anybody else. It’s been hell.

Since being shared on Facebook, Nguyens images had actually gotten almost 136,000 shares and 40,000 responses since Thursday afternoon.

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